RollingStone Cover Makeup

I love music! I can play a few instruments, but I can only pretend to sing. I pretend to sing in the shower, in the car and to my husband's chagrin, all over the house. I did a few makeup looks that were themed around being on the cover of RollingStone Magazine. Now, I will certainly never ever be on the cover of RollingStone. But, I love doing rock'n roll makeup and I thought it would be fun to do a couple looks themed around that.

The first one I did turned out to be very Americana. I love dirty blues music. And, lately, there's been lots of blues influences in pop music, which really makes me happy. One of my favorite blues artists out there right now is ZZ Ward. She's got an awesome mix of blues and R&B.

So, anyway... Here is my Americana look.

My second look was inspired by an amazing makeup artist, Bea Sweet. Her work is incredible and so inspiring. She created a spikey silver eye look a few weeks ago. I saw it and had to recreate it in blue.

What music inspires you guys? Did you love the Lady Gaga performance at the Super Bowl?