Makeup Gods pt II

I finished the series of Gods as shown through makeup. I had a lot of fun doing it. A few weeks after I completed my series, I saw some really amazing instagrammers doing the same thing. It is awesome to see how people interpret the same thing differently. And then inspire you from that.

Without further ado... here are the rest of the makeup Gods and Goddesses.

Eros - God of attraction and sexual desire. Better known by his Roman name, Cupid, he is the son of Aphrodite and exemplifies sexual power

Wearing Sugarpill Dollipop and NYX liquid liner for the heart.

Dionysus - God of wine and ecstasy. Son of Zeus, Dionysus is the God to have a mortal mother.

Using the Urban Decay electric palette and MAC reflects lavender glitter

Athena - Goddess of Wisdom and battle strategy. She can shapeshifter into an owl. Zeus spawned her from his forehead after being disappointed with all of his other children.

Using Pat McGrath dual ended liner with the gold pigment from her Metalmorphosis005 collection dusted on top to give that gilded look.

Sedna - Inuit goddess of the sea and marine life; Rule of monsters and the underworld. Daughter of the creator god, Sedna is known to be quite vengeful. Legend says, her father threw her overboard, chopping off all her finders. As she sank to the underworld her fingers became the seals, whales and other marine life hunted by the Inuits.

Using Kat Von D Beauty Trooper liner with the Alchemist palette on top. Also wearing Poe lipstick

I think Sedna was my favorite look to create and Athena was the most challenging. I had to concentrate super hard to get my wings straight and even.

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