Makeup Gods

I have been really inspired by makeup lately. It may surprise you that I don't actually own a lot of makeup. I have some staples in my personal makeup drawer, but I don't have an extensive kit by any means. To me, makeup is like paint--as long as you have the essentials, you can manipulate it into any look you can imagine! And, I've definitely caught the imagination bug!!

I've decided to do a series of gods and goddesses as told through makeup. Today's look is Persephone. She is the daughter of Zeus and the goddess of spring, vegetation and harvest. She is also queen of the underworld since she is married to Hades.

I apologize that this look doesn't have a video! However, I hope you all love it and remember that makeup is fun. To me, it is all about self expression. I love being bare faced but I also love telling a story through makeup. If there are particular looks you'd love to see, please share with me in the comments.