Galactic Queen

About a month ago, Strike With Chaos and I got together for an amazing photoshoot collaboration... in outerspace! My original idea was to have a cyborg traveling the galaxy. I wanted to project space behind my model and have her standing on her planet inside a crater.

We started by building a crater out of paper mache. I built the crater as 4 separate pieces. The structure was made out of chicken wire. For my paper mache mix, I took newspaper and a warm mixture of flour and water. It took about 4 days to finish up the whole structure. Once it was built, I sprayed it with a cinnamon color and then glewed dirt on top.

After that, I got with my model, the wonderful and humble Emely Nunez and built her cage onepiece. Her outfit was modeled after all the 3D printed garments you see on the runway these days. The day of the shoot, we actually had to sew her into the outfit so she could get in and out of it.

Once everything was in place, I researched and fabricated some outerspace shots to project behind her. We did about 15-20 different scenes and atmospheres.

Since she is supposed to be a cyborg, I got together with a wonderful graphic designer, Grace Washko, and had her work on some designs to make her look like she's made of metal and pieces. Grace has been absolutely fantastic to work with and I hope to have those images published soon. She is still working on them at the moment...

I am incredibly proud of this photoshoot because so many things could have gone wrong. I am so excited for you all to see the images we have so far and hope you love them as much as we do! As always, photos are in my portfolio.

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