Savannah Stevens for Sherri Hill

I had the wonderful pleasure of working with Savannah Stevens again for the Sherri Hill campaign I shot for Fashion D’Lux. Savannah is such a chameleon.. she never looks the same twice! These photos turned out amazing and I’m so excited to share some behind the scenes with you all...

For this shoot we hiked out to an active granite quarry. The crew was currently blasting one part of the site and dumping the dirt onto another part, so it was always a surprise as to what the location was going to look like. Once we finally got out to our actual spot though, it looked like a California beach, which was exactly what we were going for!

Let me start by saying this dress probably weighs 7 pounds. Yeah... that sounds right. Savannah is pretty much incapable of producing sweat which is kind of incredible. She looked glamorous the whole time. While I, on the other hand, looked like a puddle. It was really undesirable. It also makes me super jealous of Savannah. Growing up in Miami I thought I was a freak of nature because I was constantly sweating. When I moved to North Carolina my sweating “problem” stopped. I realized the “problem” was Florida, not me.

Savannah’s look was inspired by the Selena Gomez video, Come & Get It. I really love Selena’s big beach hair in that video and all the wide shots. Coming from film, I prefer to storyboard more of my shots. For this shoot, I had more of a feeling than specific images I had pictured in my head. But hey, that’s art, right? Savannah had a lot of influence in the shot selection and directed herself in most of these. I had the best time with the collaboration and all of the photos turned out better than anything I could have imagined!

Here are some of the behind the scenes and as always, you can see the final images in my portfolio. Stay tuned for my post once the ad has run in the Fashion D’Lux program!

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