BTS with Jesse Terrell & Knot Standard

There are several great places online that offer custom made suits these days. A great way to narrow down which bespoke tailor is best for you is by viewing their current online catalog and determing your price point. I'm not here to give you a comparison by any means, but I do want to tell you about my awesome experience with Knot Standard.

You have probably seen Jesse around my site--he's my gaffer and director and owner of Strike With Chaos Productions. He started his career making skate videos and is a pretty good skateboarder himself. So, I thought I'd borrow him for an afternoon of skating since I'm always dragging him to my shoots anyway! But since he's no Paul Rodriguez, we knew the tricks wouldn't be enough to carry the photos. So, we amped up his wardrobe and switched out his deck. Gotta admit, he looks fresh in the shots.

We started with the suit. After exhausting all of the local and obvious places for mensware in the area, none of them carried the navy blue with black lapel tux I was looking for. So, obviously, I turned to the internet. When I came across Knot Standard's Madison Midnight Blue Tuxedo, I measured Jesse and ordered it immediately. It took about 3 weeks and arrived in great shape. We ordered the slim fit, which was perfect in the chest and waist. We had to get the shoulders taken out the tiniest bit. Knot Standard paid for the alterations; in fact, they cover up to $75 worth of alterations. They made the process very easy. So much so that I did not miss the interaction with my real life seamstress. And she custom makes my dresses!

Once Jesse had the suit, I grabbed a vintage TITS tee designed by Marek Grubel and we were off to find a spot. It rained for almost two weeks straight so we kep postponing the shoot. While driving through the hills in Western NC we rolled up on some cows. It was a happy accident that the location looked so interesting behind him since my original plan was just to have him bomb some hills and do a few flip tricks or something.

We changed up some of Jesse's skate gear before shooting as well. Our friend at Eastern Skate Supply hooked us up with an awesome Heroin deck. The green on the board ties in nicely with the laces on his shoes. We ended up spending a lot of time on something that was supposed to just be a silly side project, but we had a blast and I think the photos turned out great! You can see some of the outtakes below and check out the final images on my portfolio.

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