Sunday Brunch Just Got a Serious Upgrade: A Quick Recap on my Stay at the Grandover


I recently spent a few days in Jamestown, NC and had the pleasure of staying in the amazing Grandover Resort. The hotel sits on two golf courses that are absolutely incredible! I don't golf at all, so I can't tell you anything about them except that the courses have a million fountains (seriously, I counted all of them) that light up all different colors. And they are open to the public--the courses, not the fountains.

We stayed in a junior suite with a big jetted jacuzzi tub. It was ah-mazing! The bathroom has speakers inside of it which are connected to the TV. You can listen to the music on the TV and hear it in the tub...

Let me just start this story by saying I have drawn many bubble baths in my life, but I definitely wouldn't call myself a bubble bath expert. I have learned though that the more energy and circulation you have, the more bubbles you'll make. So, that being said, I've never experienced a perfect movie bubble bath that mimics swimming in a cup of immaculately whipped milk. Therefore, I was not going to miss out on the chance to soak in a tub of bubbles.

So, of course I did the next logical thing. I poured the equivalent of half a gallon of bubble bath into the tub. Then the bubbles came. And they kept coming so I only had to sit in two inches of water. I had a blast! The jets sprayed bubbles here, there and into the air. Bubbles were everywhere!

Then I went to the pool. And the pool is surprisinly beautiful!

Jamestown is in between High Point and Greensboro (basically, this place isn't really anywhere, if you know what I mean), so I didn't expect a mini Caribbean retreat in the East Wing. As you first enter, you pass the hot tub. Then you arrive at the indoor pool which has a scenic waterfall. The indoor pool connects to the outdoor pool via small canal which can be blocked off by glass doors. Outside, the pool is pretty large and ranges from about 3 feet to 5 feet. There are cabanas around the pool and you can order off a full poolside menu with frozen drinks as well as beer and wine.

I am not one of those girls that can just hang by the pool. I am a serious recreational swimmer. I was never on a swim team, but I would swim every day after school when I was growing up. I'm always starving whenever I'm done at the pool.

Check the box if breakfast is your favorite meal and 10:30am is your favorite alarm. Check if you also enjoy prime rib and booze at 11 o'clock in the morning. Well, sounds to me like brunch is your thing. Let's face it, though... brunch is pretty much everybody's thing. Grandover has the best brunch!

They have one of those amazing dessert tables where you think to yourself, 'Uh oh... should I start with cake first?' They have made-to-order omelets... I guess that's called a chef? They have shrimp, prime rib, all the best parts of brunch. They fill up so quickly on Mother's Day and Christmas that they take reservations a year in advance!!!

Aside from brunch and the pool, they host tons and tons of weddings. They have several ballroom and event spaces. But I personally love their marvelous garden spaces and think they keep all of their grounds in beautiful condition. If you are ever in between High Point and Greensboro, I highly recommend staying at the Grandover Resort. They are totally affordable and everyone is very friendly.

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