Jasmine Rhodes SS15 Collection

I've been off my blog game lately! It's been about a month so I want to apologize for my tardiness. The good news is, I have been busy doing some awesome things! A few weekends ago, I met up with local designer Jasmine Rhodes who needed photos for her Spring/Sumer collection.

Her line is called Kitty Collection and its her first full collection. In the past, she had just been focusing on hand made pieces for individual clients.

Jasmine's wanted the final photos to be very dreamy and hazy. Very Emily Soto inspired. Jasmine is based out of Greensboro, NC so we went to the Greensboro arboretum for the photoshoot. I was underwhelmed by the arboretum and would personally describe it more as a walking park with a baseball field at the end, but we got some good shots. And it was definitely an adventure.

I really don't do a lot of social media but earlier this year my friend convinced me to sign up for Instagram by showing me a picture of the cutest sheepdog. I immediately made an account before she had time to show me another one.

I follow a bunch of adorable dogs on Instagram now...

So, as you guys know, Instagram has all these filters which can make your picture look way better... or really lame. But did you also know that Photoshop basically has the same thing? Photoshop calls them actions. Because Photoshop does what it wants.

Actions are saved commands that alter your image all at once. And, the good news is a ton of professional photographers offer the actions they use on their own images through their sites and workshops. One of my favorite photographers who really made her name through teaching and her photoshop actions is Amanda Diaz. Her Instagram is full of her amazing work which also lists the actions she used in the captions.

Since we were going for such a whimsical look for these photos, I started messing around with different actions and effects. Here are some of the outtakes from the photoshoot.

Jada Scarf.jpg
Emily Soto Inspired Jada.jpg

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