A Quick Guide to Gold Leaf Makeup

April 6, 2015


Gold leaf has been everywhere lately.  From red carpet to runway, it's a look that's definitely sticking around.  Check out Emma Watson in this sophisticated makeup from her 2011 Harry Potter premiere.


About a month ago, I attended a Carnivale themed masquerade.  In lieu of a traditional mask, I channeled my inner Ke$ha (don't worry girl, we haven't forgotten about you yet!) and used gold leaf.  


All night people asked me what was on my face and how I did it, which inspired me to create this video.


Adding gold leaf to  your makeup is super simple and inexpensive.  Anyone can do it as long as you have the right tools.  


Before you get started, make sure you have: 

1   package of gold (or silver) leaf* 

1   eye lash glue

2   synthetic bristle paint brushes: 

     1  brush for applying glue to skin

     1  brush for stippling or patting gold leaf into glue**


*can be purchased at any local art supply or framing store

** the gold leaf will stick to your fingers so it's advised not to use them to press the leaf into the glue


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