Poor Man's Cryotherapy with Savannah

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If you haven't heard of whole body cryotherapy, you probably aren't the only one. Doctors have been performing cryosurgery for centuries. Even athletes have been using cryotherapy to relieve muscle aches and spasms. Recently though, models have started going to these new cryotherapy 'spas' because they say it reduces cellulite and leaves you with perfect skin. And other model stuff...

Basically, you submerge yourself in a tank of liquid nitrogen for three minutes which releases a bunch of endorphins. $90 dollars, please.... (umm, I'd rather get a facial).

But, one snowy night in February, Savannah and I thought we'd try out our own frozen 'therapy.'

We'd been planning this photoshoot for a few weeks and I was excited there was still snow left on the ground. We'd discussed going to the mountains to shoot in full snow but Savannah was already braving 12° weather! She was definitely a champ and even though I wore twice as many clothes as she did, I'm pretty sure we both lost a few pounds.

Below are behind the scenes from the shoot below.

You can catch Savannah in hair and makeup, my lighting test with gaffer, Jesse Terrell, and our trip to the lighting store to get advice on how to get her skull staff to glow. Also, a special thanks to Mom and Dad Gay for helping us fix the generator... thanks Mom!

And of course, you can check out the final photos in the gallery on my portfolio page!

Hair & makeup test.jpg

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