Spotlight: Last Call, Retailer

I love dresses. Nothing says sexy like the silhouette of a woman in the perfect dress. As I've gotten older, my closet has become 65% dresses. And one day I will be able to shop without worrying about the price tag.

One of my favorite places to shop when I need to find something elegant and dignified is Neiman Marcus. We all know Neiman Marcus is a staple in high end fashion but what you may not know is in 2010, Neiman Marcus debuted their clearance stores, Last Call Studio.

Last Call Studio Neiman Marcus.png

Some quick history about Neiman Marcus: Neiman Marcus started in Dallas, TX in 1907 and are now The Neiman Marcus Group which also owns Bergdorf Goodman. They are the only major high end fashion retailer without a location in Manhattan, but are currently in development for a 250,000sq/ft store in Hudson Yards.

Right now there are only 28 Last Call locations in the country, but of course you can shop Last Call online. Last Call has a permanent clearance section and also has markdowns on all the items in the store.

Although Last Call doesn't carry all of the designers Neiman Marcus carries, they have a house label, Neiman Marcus, which offers well made clothes with high quality fabrics that you can often find for less than $100

neiman marcus design.png

Last Call has continuous sales on top of their discounts. They usually offer an additional 40-60% off during the sale or promotion. The sales don't run for long periods of time though--usually over a weekend. The best way to know when the next sale runs is to sign up for the mailing list, which also gives you 10% off your first purchase.

Next time you're in the market for a new outfit, check out

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