Behind the Scenes: Pet Portraits

Today we're going behind the scenes of my photoshoot for the contact page on my site.

DSC_0080-2 crop.jpg

My dog has this perch in the backyard that he's dug up into his perfect spot. And since he's the absolute cutest, I thought I'd make him our postmaster general here at I totally inconvenienced him by messing up all his hard work and putting a bird cage I transformed into a doggy mail box in the middle of the perch. And even though Amos is really camera shy and will never win me $100,000 on America's Funniest Videos, he was a good sport.

Since it's my pup and we did the shoot in my own backyard, I didn't have too many rules to follow. But here are some tips I've learned from working with animals over the years. Amos is really stubborn so rule No.1 is to always have a pocket full of treats. Milk Bone makes these amazing 'Mini Treats' that are perfect for training and agility work since they are only 5 calories but still make the dog feel special.

Milk Bone Mini Treat

The next, and maybe more important rule, is make sure the animal, no matter what kind of animal you are working with, is comfortable and doesn't feel stressed. And if there is a trainer, always follow the advice of the trainer and do not overwork any animal.

Live animals can be tough, so remember to remain calm and serene. Even though they don't understand your words, they will pick up on your body language. If you are becoming frustrated, remove yourself and take a moment to relax. Once you recompose yourself, you will regain control of the situation.

You can see the final picture of Amos checking his mail on my contact page. And below are the behind the scenes of Amos prepping his perch and Jesse (director at Strike With Chaos Productions and my sexy husband) attaching the mailbox to a stick.

Pet Portrait Mailbox Amos
Pet Photo Jesse Mailbox
Jesse Mailbox
Rocket Pet Photography
Amos Pet Portrait Photography Perch
Dusty Amos Pet Photo
Rocket Perch Jacker Pet Photo

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